BMX homage to the Penny Farthing

Small rear wheelI spotted this heavily modified Apollo MX20.2 at the weekend. It’s unusual, but it looks like fun, no?

It has the original 20in front wheel, but the back has been replaced with one from a toddler’s bike.

The rear brake is still there, but grabbing the lever does nothing but make the caliper clutch uselessly at thin air. There also seems to be a slight problem with pedal strike, but at least it has a freewheel.

I can only hope that somewhere there’s a tiny pink kid’s bike with a 20in rear wheel, it’s stabilisers desperately reaching towards the ground but missing by a good 6 inches.


Mountain biking on a Penny Farthing

Mountain biking is forking into an ever-expanding number of niches, and the bikes are constantly changing to reflect this.

But forget cross-country, trials, downhill and freeride – the next big thing could be Penny Farthings.

Sure, they don’t have brakes, and even if they did they’d tip you head over heels at the lightest jab of the lever, but they do look like fun. Continue reading