BMX homage to the Penny Farthing

Small rear wheelI spotted this heavily modified Apollo MX20.2 at the weekend. It’s unusual, but it looks like fun, no?

It has the original 20in front wheel, but the back has been replaced with one from a toddler’s bike.

The rear brake is still there, but grabbing the lever does nothing but make the caliper clutch uselessly at thin air. There also seems to be a slight problem with pedal strike, but at least it has a freewheel.

I can only hope that somewhere there’s a tiny pink kid’s bike with a 20in rear wheel, it’s stabilisers desperately reaching towards the ground but missing by a good 6 inches.


Comfy grips are key

Aaron Ross gripsThese grips are moulded in a keyboard design, making them perfect for any bike nerds who overlap into computer geek territory, or vice versa.

The keys spell out the name of Odyssey team rider, Aaron Ross, but the best part are the buttons labeled “hop”, “spin” and “whip”. If only it were that easy…

The whole thing reminds me of this keyboard design someone stamped in wet concrete in my home town. [Odyssey BMX]

Mascot ‘owling in pain after BMX crash

2403745577_97ff086f86_bOldham Athletic’s mascot, Chaddy the Owl, is on the bench after an unfortunate BMX accident.

The chap behind Chaddy, Wayne Hurst, told the Telegraph: “I was entertaining the crowd when I discovered a bike on the terrace behind the net. I was all right on a BMX when I was younger, so I thought I’d give it a go.

“I set off towards the fans and the bike went over. I put my leg down to stop it, but went over on my ankle. I knew as soon as I hit the ground I was in trouble.” Continue reading