Take part in Ding Day ’09

ding day logoAre you in London? Do you have a bell on your bike? Excellent, you’re all set to take part in Ding Day ’09.

It works like this: you ring your bell at other cyclists.

The official website explains all: “The idea is to create a fun experience for cyclists and locals in and around London, with the hope of establishing more of a sense of community amongst fellow cyclists.”

So, if you don’t have a bell, maybe you should think about getting one. It might not suit your full-carbon road bike, but hunt around; there are some cool models out there.

Of course, critics will say that a sense of community would be more easily achieved by conversation; at traffic lights, the office bike shed or on club rides, rather than ringing a bell at each other from a distance. Who knows?

You can, of course, follow Ding Day on Twitter.


The patron saint of cycling

saint christopherI spotted this while wandering through the backstreets of Norwich. You might not be able to see it clearly, what with the rust and the ill-considered camera angle, but that’s St Christopher.

What better to have on the face of a bell than the patron saint of travelers? I’m agnostic, but I still want one.

I’ve never had a bell on a bike before, but I think my town cruiser could do with one to clear the path of ambling shoppers. Does anybody know of any theft/tamper-proof ones?

Do some make a more pleasing “ding” than others? Can you buy them in certain notes? Or are they all much the same? Questions, questions…