Bamboo frames and the Guardian Bike Blog

Calfee bamboo bikeI reviewed a Calfee bamboo bike this week for the Guardian’s new Bike Blog.

It was an unusual experience, and an unusual bike, but it’s certainly no gimmick – it rode superbly.

I won’t get into that, though, as I’ve covered it in the article itself. All I’ll say is that it was a great bike; really precise, but comfortable enough for a long ride.

The problem is that for a lot less cash I could have a custom Mercian, or pick up an old Merckx in good condition. I think I’d rather do that, but that’s just personal preference. I’m very impressed with what Calfee is doing with bamboo.

As for the blog, I’m pleased the Guardian are taking it on. It seems to be hitting the right note so far, covering things that commuters want to talk about; blind-spots, bike-theft and Boris Johnson. All mixed in with some quirkier reads like this £3,000 bamboo bike review.


Sterling silver chain ring

Chain RingYou should always keep your fingers clear of your chain, to avoid any accidental, amateur amputations.

I’d suggest the same advice is apt for this piece of jewelry, too, but for sartorial reasons.

Mind you, I’m not really qualified to comment on fashion matters. Truth be told, I quite like this, although I’d never wear it.

I’d rather it came as a semi-circle ring with drilled holes – then you could just add a few links of your chain of choice. I always end up with 10-15 links of KMC when I replace my fixed gear chain.

If you want to pick one up, head over here with £119.

Comfy grips are key

Aaron Ross gripsThese grips are moulded in a keyboard design, making them perfect for any bike nerds who overlap into computer geek territory, or vice versa.

The keys spell out the name of Odyssey team rider, Aaron Ross, but the best part are the buttons labeled “hop”, “spin” and “whip”. If only it were that easy…

The whole thing reminds me of this keyboard design someone stamped in wet concrete in my home town. [Odyssey BMX]

Old tubes upcycled to bags

Recyclist Upcycled Seat BagSince it’s started getting warmer, and my back has got sweatier, I’ve been looking for a saddle bag.

Just something small that can hold my keys, a fiver and a tube, and let me leave my Crumpler at home.

There’s a lot out there, but I’ve spotted an interesting one on Etsy that’s made of old inner tubes. That ticks the quirky, green and functional boxes. Continue reading