Sheringham, shingle and Black Shuck

Fuji at SheringhamI rode out to Sheringham today, taking the most circuitous route possible without either leaving Norfolk or doubling back on yourself. A large, county-sized game of Snake, if you will.

Dan and I must learn to plan routes.

Still, a hard ride, some great food at the end, and a little dip in the sea to boot. It was marred only by an encounter with the legendary dog-beast of East Anglia, immortalised in song by the Darkness, Black Shuck.

We were passing an isolated farmhouse, guarded by a pack of slavering, blood-thirsty Alsatians (Dan thought they looked “like they wanted to play”, but he didn’t get as good a look at them as I did). Dan in Sheringham

Thank god for the sturdy metal gate between us and them, I was thinking, just as one of them burst through the hedge mid-flight.

It landed just to the right of us, scrabbling and scratching for traction. It didn’t look like it wanted to play. I sprinted, blubbering as I went.

You don’t have to outrun the dog, I remember realising, just outrun Dan – then escape while it settles down to eat.

Still, we both managed to get away, which is good, because Dan was riding my Claud Butler at the time.


2 thoughts on “Sheringham, shingle and Black Shuck

  1. have you had a go with any of the gps trackers on the iphone? thinking how interesting it would be to see the route you took…

  2. I have tried a couple, but they tended not to get a great signal tucked away in my bag. Plus, they drain the battery quite quickly – I don’t think they’d last for a long ride.

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