Bring me simple stats, stat!

Fuji on Primrose HillI’ve just read a wonderful article on Wired about Nike+, the stat-tracking system for runners – which made me realise how archaic cycle computers are.

Basically, Nike makes a shoe with a sensor which measures how long your feet stay on the ground when you run. This allows it to track how fast you’re running – there’s an easy calculation that’s accurate to 5%.

This data is collected by your iPod and automatically uploaded to the Nike+ website when it’s synced. The site lets you track how far and fast you ran on each outing – complete with simple, pretty graphs.

Brilliant training and motivational stats, with minimal effort.

I can track speed, distance and a bunch of other metrics on my Cateye computer, but Nike+ is so much better in so many ways; it’s seamless, it’s simple and it automatically logs and displays data.

Why can’t we have a similar system for bikes? I don’t necessarily want to listen to music while I’m riding – in fact, unless you’re in the middle of nowhere it’s daft – but I want a tiny sensor on my bike to send data to my iPhone and automatically sync it to my laptop. And I want pretty graphs.

At the moment I have to take my computer into the house and manually transfer the stats into a spreadsheet. This means that for short, casual rides I tend not to bother.

I want an always-on, simple-to-use and sleek system to do this. Does anyone know of anything that comes close?


One thought on “Bring me simple stats, stat!

  1. Have you tried either of these iphone apps? TheBike or GPSlite?

    not given either a proper test run, but they should record all the data you want aswell as the gps tracking. Only problem I can forsee is battery life….

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