Bikes on planes, trains: always a pain

Bike PlaneGreen blogger Lloyd Alter has been stung by Air Canada’s policy on carrying bikes, and he’s campaigning to get them changed.

The airline charges $50 to carry a bike, which is fairly standard, but it doesn’t take size into account.

It charges the same for a tandem as a folder, which makes little sense to me

When he flies, Lloyd takes his folding Strida. It packs up smaller and lighter than a suitcase and has its own carry bag. He even takes it as part of his luggage allowance – so it really shouldn’t concern Air Canada at all.

Still, they charged him $50.

When Lloyd wrote to complain he got this response;

Air Canada’s baggage policy deals with sporting equipment, and as such, bicycles fall into that category. We do not differentiate between a folding bicycle and a tandem bicycle. They are all treated the same.

The strangest part is that some sports equipment can be shipped for free. Take a snowboard or skis on an Air Canda flight and you’ll pay nothing.

Are there any airlines that are better with bikes?


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