Norwich 50/100 ride

Norwich 50/100 bike rideI’m torn when it comes to charity bike rides; cycling is something I enjoy, so I don’t see why people should be sponsored to do it as though it’s some arduous ordeal.

On the other hand, how can I grumble about anything that gets a few hundred people on bikes and raises money for a good cause?

In any case, I did one today, on the fixed gear – the Norwich 50/100 in aid of the British Heart Foundation.

I bought a cycle computer yesterday, so I can furnish you with all sorts of nerdy stats; 51.67 miles covered in 2 hours 56 minutes, top speed 31.5mph, other fixed gears spotted: 3.

The weather forecast looked bleak yesterday, and the boffins at the Met Office were spot on. I was soaked through for most of the ride.

Norwich 50/100 rideI was supposed to be accompanied by two others – you know who you are – but they were put off by a gray weather forecast. Still, we’ll be riding the same route next Sunday, right?


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