Old tubes upcycled to bags

Recyclist Upcycled Seat BagSince it’s started getting warmer, and my back has got sweatier, I’ve been looking for a saddle bag.

Just something small that can hold my keys, a fiver and a tube, and let me leave my Crumpler at home.

There’s a lot out there, but I’ve spotted an interesting one on Etsy that’s made of old inner tubes. That ticks the quirky, green and functional boxes.

“As a bike mechanic, I see more tubes thrown out than I can stand, so I attempt to salvage as many of them as I can,” says the maker, recyclist, in his profile.

For $25 they seem like a good bet – I just need to see what I can actually attach to my old Selle Italia.
Recycled tube saddle bag

Until then I’ll have to hold everything I need in my teeth while I’m riding.


3 thoughts on “Old tubes upcycled to bags

  1. nice idea! might have to pick myself one up (first things first tho – need to find the money for my current bike of choice: konda dew (plus??)

  2. I have one of these! Recyclist is modest about how much stuff can be packed into it — mine has a bottle of chain lube, a set of Allan wrenches, a tube patch kit, a small first-aid kit, my gloves, and a cloth shopping bag.

  3. I have one of these, too. Love it! Holds my camera, wallet, paperback and keys. Everything I need for random rides. And mine has clips to attach, my saddle is….less than new and intact..

    Also have the pant strap. Stays put, and looks great. Most people think it’s trim on my pants.

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