I think I need a drink

Handlebar minibarMany bike accessories solve a problem that never existed, and the Handlebar Minibar is a perfect example.

Have you ever found yourself in need of a stiff drink while riding, but can’t wait until you get home, or to a pub?

If so, then they might be just what you need. Either that, or a few weeks in rehab.

Just pop out one of the bar plugs and there’s a tiny flask inside for an “energy drink or something stronger”. According to the auction listing they’re;

An accessory perfectly suited to the gentleman or lady cyclist who wishes to store a small amount of drink in a discreet manner.

After inventing such a water-tight product, they very wisely invented a water-tight legal disclaimer, too.

We enjoy a cherry brandy as much as the next man, but we cannot encourage or condone drinking and riding.


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