Mountain biking on a Penny Farthing

Mountain biking is forking into an ever-expanding number of niches, and the bikes are constantly changing to reflect this.

But forget cross-country, trials, downhill and freeride – the next big thing could be Penny Farthings.

Sure, they don’t have brakes, and even if they did they’d tip you head over heels at the lightest jab of the lever, but they do look like fun.

This video was shot on the blue course at Laggan Wolftrax in Scotland, but this exciting new sport can take place anywhere there’s a pair of mismatched wheels and a lack of common sense.

Factoid: The Penny Farthing takes its name from two old English coins, the penny and the farthing. One was much smaller than the other, just like the two wheels on the bike.


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