Lance Armstrong OK to race in TdF

lance_armstrongLance Armstrong looks set to try for his eighth Tour de France win as the AFLD drops its investigation into a controversial drug test.

The French anti-doping agency said last month that Armstrong had violated its rules by taking a shower before giving a urine and blood sample.

Although Armstrong claimed the tester had given him permission, the AFLD later complained this was against testing rules.

The argument is that if athletes are left on their own before a test, they could get up to all sorts of mischief.

According to Armstrong’s Twitter feed, though, the matter seems to have been dropped, and he now has the go-ahead to compete in French races.

Just got the word from the French agency AFLD on the shower gate incident. Case closed, no penalty, all samples clean. Onward.

This is great news, especially now that one stage of the TdF will be in the UK where I can watch it.


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