Carnage at the Tour of Turkey

Skip to 3:30 to see the crash involving Theo Bos and Daryl Impey. What do you think happened?

I think it’s only right to reserve judgment until there’s more footage. It seems to me that deliberately pulling down the yellow jersey in the final sprint in front of numerous TV cameras would be a ludicrous move. I hope it isn’t what has happened here.

Theo Bos has posted a statement on his blog, kindly translated here. This is a snippet.

I feel like shit for having become headline news in this way. As a sportsman, I want to show that I am a different man. This is bugging me. I hope that there is more footage. Perhaps those videos can be viewed side by side and analysed frame by frame. I would give everything to prove that this was not my fault. It was never my intention. Not even in the heat of the battle. I will have to convince everyone that I win my sprints differently. I love this sport. Sport is on the cutting edge. Fair play is part of that in every way. It is never worth going beyond that!

[Cycling Weekly]


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