Should Londoners be able to jump reds?

Red traffic light

Boris Johnson, the Mayor of London, has suggested that cyclists should be able to turn left at red lights.

For any confused US readers, this is quite a big deal – red lights in the UK mean stop, with no exceptions.

Anyone who risks running one can be hit with a £30 on-the-spot fine, if the bike-bobbies can catch up with them.

Many riders in London risk it and routinely jump reds, but the suggested trial would safely allow them to get clear of any left-turning lorries or buses before the light went green.

That’s a really important thing to be able to do: all cyclist deaths in London so far this year have involved lorries. It’s best to stay well clear of them.

A poll on the Guardian website is currently showing that 64% of people think it’s a good idea, so it seems that, rarely, Boris has popular support. [Guardian]


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