Tracklocross. A daft new sport is born.

tracklocross flyer 2009If you’re based in New York, then tomorrow is your chance to get in at the ground level of an exciting and muddy new sport, Tracklocross.

Cyclocrossers have been happily racing each other through muddy fields for over a hundred years but, given the growing popularity of fixed gear bikes, some bright sparks thought a different type of event was needed.

Team Wreck Stuff noticed this niche and last year organised a series of races on Randall’s Island, New York, where track bike riders competed over an off-road course. This year there’s a one-off race, and it takes place tomorrow.

If you don’t ride fixed you can still enter, but there’s a handicap: you have to fit slick tires, no wider than 25mm. Enjoy that.

I have no idea what happens when you take a bike designed for the perfectly smooth and flat environment of the velodrome and take it off-road through urban wasteland, but I hope someone lets me know after the race.

From the site:

Randall’s Island Tracklocross will combine the exciting scramble of alleycat-style racing with the rugged, rough-and-tumble off-road mugging of cyclocross.


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