Waitrose launches bike deliveries

Waitrose, London

Thanks to otama on Flickr.com

Upscale supermarket Waitrose has started a bike-delivery service to whisk groceries straight to your door, without the help of internal combustion.

It’s bought a small fleet of electric-assisted bikes for it’s Dorset store, and fitted them with roomy trailers.

It’s only a trial, but if all goes to plan then the eco-scheme may be rolled out to other shops.

Of course, prior to being loaded onto a bike for the last few miles, the goods are still transported all over the world by lorries, planes and ships.

Still, this could be very good news for London’s rapidly-diminishing army of bike couriers.

Much of their business dried up in recent years as companies turned to the internet to exchange documents, rather than a CD burner and a fixed-gear rider – but no matter how clever the guys at Google get, people will never be able to download teabags. [BBC]


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