Lance Armstrong in trouble over a shower

Lance Armstrong

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Lance Armstrong is having a spot of bother with the French anti-doping agency, the AFLD, which claims he’s violated drug-test rules.

He arrived home from a ride to find a man waiting for blood and urine samples – the 24th drug test since his comeback.

Understandably, his manager called the International Cycling Union, UCI, just to check that the chap was bona fide and not a mad fan after an unusual souvenir.

While that was going on, Armstrong asked if he could take a shower, and the tester said that was OK.

Now it’s emerged that this is against AFLD rules, which say the athlete needs to be kept in sight at all times to prevent funny-business involving bodily fluids from a clean-living accomplice.

I’ll leave it to you to decide whether Armstrong’s latest tweet is anything to do with the furor.

Was winning the Tour seven times that offensive?!?

What happens now is unclear, but it seems incredibly unlikely to me that Armstrong would spring out of retirement just to get caught doping. I think he’s as clean as can be, and I hope he gets a chance for his eighth win. [Guardian]


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